Wednesday, August 14, 2019

WIZENED TREE stoner rock n roll from Tocantins and band interview

WIZENED TREE debut EP "Rock N Roll from Tocantins"
WIZENED TREE debut EP "Rock N Roll from Tocantins"
WIZENED TREE just released their debut EP and if you love stoner rock with killer vocals then you are going to love ROCK N ROLL FROM TOCANTINS!! This is 5 tracks of hard rocking, bluesy, good ol' rock & roll which will get you moving and put a smile on your face. I've got a band interview below and also take a listen:

Rock N Roll from Tocantins opens with GIVE THE RAIN and this song is really everything that I love about Wizened Tree. Catchy riff, groovy bass line, killer vocals and chorus, and a flat-out bluesy rocker without turning into a pop song. Wizened Tree keeps it lively without forgetting their heavy "roots."

Next up is GIVE ME ALCOHOL with a little slower sound but still a rocker. These guys like having a good time which is exactly what this music is all about. Grab a beer, start a party, and turn up the volume on Wizened Tree!

Things get a little heavier with PRINCESS OF THE DESERT and CAN'T TAKE MY HAT OFF, and STOR JEGER wraps it up in style. This is a really good stoner rock EP and a great debut album.

Photo: Daniela Jacome
In fact, I love their music so much that I asked Wizened Tree to join me and the other heavy bands in The Swamp. Welcome to The Swamp, Wizened Tree! (and BTW, you can get in The Swamp, too! You'll get free music every month, and in September I start mailing out a CD every month to my supporters! Check out The Swamp Krewe here!)

And it's not just me -- check out some of the great comments showing up on their album page:
The band nailed it: “Pure rock n roll spirit, tuned down and slow.” The band has that sense of grove and “catchiness” that I think is common to a lot of the Brazilian music I’ve been hearing too. Great stuff…! Favorite track: Princess of the Desert.
I joined Fuzzy's swamp crewe long ago when he said besides the compilations we'd be getting albums added to our collection monthly also. I just didn't know they'd be of this quality. This is good stuff man. Favorite track: Princess of the Desert.
Wizened Tree is: (left to right)
Felipe Marinho (bass), Artur Pery (front; vocals and guitar solo), Davi Pery (rear; drums), Douglas Vilela (lead guitar)
Photo: Edu Barroso 

Next month you can buy The Swamp Special Edition CD with a bonus track! Head over to Wizened Tree's album page to follow them and find out when the CD is ready for pre-order.

My digital compilation BRASIL IN FUZZ 2019 is out on August 31 and you will find BRING THE RAIN on there along with over FOUR HOURS of heavy stoner, doom, psych (and more!) music from the best of Brasil's underground scene.

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In Brazil, you can hear Wizened Tree on Avoreseca and Abraxas.

Wizened Tree took some time for an interview:

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Where is Wizened Tree from?

We are from Palmas, Tocantins in Brazil. Palmas is at the exact center of the country! And so we have a marker for the geodesic location and we say we are from "The Heart of Brazil."

FUZZY CRACKLINS: How did the band get together?
FELIPE (the bass player): In 2014, I went to live one year in Norway. When I came back in 2015, the guys from Wizened Tree (it wasn’t Wizened Tree at the time) were rehearsing to play some songs in bars/pubs. They didn’t have their own compositions. And beside this, they were changing places to play each songs. Everyone was drummer, bass player, guitarist and vocalist. It was cool, but wasn’t solid. So when I got back to Palmas, I was a bass player already, from other band. But the singer went to live abroad as well. So I was a bass player with no band. So one day, Artur, Douglas and Davi went to rehearse and I came along. There we played some songs, but when we jammed “behind the wall of sleep” from Black Sabbath, we got a feeling. From that jam until today, we play in the same formation. Artur (Guitar solo/Vocals), Douglas (Lead Guitar), Davi (drums) and me (bass). And we formed Wizened Tree. We decided to make our own compositions of heavy rock, psychedelic rock, stoner rock and blues rock.
The wizened tree
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What does "Wizened Tree" mean?

Our first studio has a tree that it grows from inside to outside. Crossing the wall. And this studio was located across the lake of Palmas, outside of the city, in a desert region. No neighbors, just nature around. So our rehearses were full of alcohol, drugs, alcohol, noise and alcohol. A lot of inspirations there. And there we made most of our songs. Nowdays the place exists, but there is some people living there, and it is no longer a studio. But the Tree (Wizened Tree) still growing there, every day, breaking the wall of that place.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What is coming up for Wizened Tree?

Next month we will hit the stage, and we will play all around again to bring elsewhere the rock n roll from our young city which has given us so many inspirations. 

FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thank you guys! And remember to follow Wizened Tree on Bandcamp to get their news!