Tuesday, August 20, 2019

BUZZARD CULT grunge punk debut EP drops August 30

BUZZARD CULT will drop its self-titled and self-recorded DIY debut EP on August 30. This band hits a lot of sounds that I dig so much: grunge, punk vocals, Southern rock, and that heavy fuzzed-out sound that gave me my name. Don't let the DIY recording keep you away. This sounds great, and what's punk without some rough edges? Check out the lead single "No Turning Back" on Bandcamp:

I really dig a band that can master a few different sounds, and use them when needed to fit the song. "No Turning Back" is more of a punk song, but then next up is "Ill Scheming" which slows it down and veers into grunge territory. Then "You're to Blame" finds a middle ground and is pretty much a Southern heavy rocker. And so it goes for 6 tracks. All the songs are solid and if I have to pick a favorite, it would be "Night is Dark" which blends their different sounds into a fuzzed-out uptempo grunged-out rocker with a killer guitar solo.

Check out the video for "No Turning Back" --

BUZZARD CULT S/T EP will have 6 tracks and be released on August 30. Links below.

Buzzard Cult is from Atlanta with members Tyler Luker on Guitar and Lead Vox, Marcus Irick on drums, and Cody Landress-Gibson on Bass and Vox.

Follow Buzzard Cult to stay in the loop, and they've got shows lined up for the next few months so see them in you're in Atlanta or Chattanooga: