Sunday, August 18, 2019

Hunting Day by Psiconauta sludge metal

Hunting Day by Psiconauta
Hunting Day by Psiconauta
Man how I love it when a band I never heard of just shoots me an email and says, Hey check us out! and they are as good as sludge metal duo PSICONAUTA from Brazil. Their 2-track EP is HUNTING DAY with the first track in English and the second track in Portuguese. Both songs have the fuzzy heavy slow, relentless and unending sonic punishment that I love to hear. Check them out!

If you check out the Facebook page (link below) for Psiconauta, they will tell their influences include some familiar bands (Black Sabbath, Bongzilla) and also .... Muddy Waters! Hell yes! You can here the Chicago blues influence too, especially in Cabeça a Prêmio (Head to Award or Prize Head, get it?).

Hopefully these heavy fuzz masters will drop a track on my next comp, what do you think? BRASIL IN FUZZ drops at the end of the month and it is EPIC! Already over FIVE HOURS of heavy music only from Brazilian bands. Dig it right there.

You already know that Fuzzy loves sticks & strings duo bands, right? Cuz I made a whole comp of their songs earlier this year! Check out STICKS & STRINGS VOL. 1 on Bandcamp and it's FREE to stream or download! Right on!!

Sticks & Strings Vol. 1 music compilation on Bandcamp