Sunday, September 1, 2019

SCARECROW haunts you with symphonic doom on Sept. 1

SCARECROW is a 4-piece symphonic doom band from Russia with its debut self-titled album dropping on September 13, and a 3-track demo you can get free on Bandcamp on September 1. This is full-blow, high-production music, too. A few seconds into this and you will feel like you are in a theater with a stage show about to begin. Heavy riffs with sound effects, harmonica, even flute -- and absolutely killer vocals. Get the free 3-track demo from their Bandcamp page on Sept. 1 to listen for yourself.  On September 13, they will drop a full self-titled album. It's absolutely epic!

Here's how Scarecrow describes how they make their sound:
It is full symphonic orchestra consisting of:
Sections of 1st, 2nd strings, violas, cellos, core basses and lead strings quartet: 1st, 2nd string, Lead Viola and Led Cello.
Woodwinds section is flutes, oboes and solo Cor Anglais.
Brass Section is solo tuba, sections of Horns, Trombones and Trumpets.
Orchestral percussion - gongs, cymbals and timpani
Also we used orchestral harp and cathedral organ.
In some parts we used some exotic percussion - boobams and darbukas I brought from Egypt and Tunisia.

Scarecrow is Artemis - vocals, harmonica and flute, Elijah - Bass Guitar, Vadim - Drums and percussion, and Den - Guitar.

Here's a little backstory for Scarecrow from the band:
We are from Perm City (Russia) it is a province, and there is just a endless swamps, moors and forests for many miles around.
Swamps!! Right on!!
It's very distant, gloomy and cold places (in winter, the temperature can drop to - 40) with many ancient, pagan traditions and bloody history of Christianity. Whether we like it or not, this whole atmosphere is reflected in our music.

Musically, we are brought up with classical British Heavy Rock of late 60s and early 70s
(our sound producer from Ritual Sound (Darlington, UK), in jest, described our music as "Led Zeppelin meets ghost")) however we use many different influences - Blues, Jazz, Folk, Psychedelic and classical orchestral Music (we wanted to achieve the effect of an orchestra from Classic Old Horror Movie)
Be sure to follow Scarecrow to find out when the self-titled album drops on Sept. 13th: