Monday, August 19, 2019

Cacería debut EP 2019 is 100% stoner hardcore from Chile

Chile should need no introduction in the world of stoner music but if "hardcore" has you wondering what is up, let's start off with how much I dig this debut album from Cacería. This is stoner metal that picks up the speed to boost it into hardcore and these guys deliver a heavy, fast album that blasts from the very start to the very end. The fast fuzzy guitar sound, the heavy bass, the non-stop gunfire of the drums, and it's all covered with touch vocals. Check out Cacería:

"Guillotina" starts off the EP with an all-instrumental kick in the face. This song starts fast, gets faster, and just rips from beginning to end.

"Comando" doesn't let up, except with a little break at the beginning to lay down a sample. I have no idea what is being said and who cares anyway? When this song gets going with its heavy riffing, you won't care either. And this is the song that starts in with the vocals and what a perfect match for the music. I'm not sure if "hardcore" can be applied to vocals, but the gritty heavy and near-screaming of the vocals is exactly what this music demands. This song also delivers a killer guitar solo.

"Deep Groove" delivers exactly what is claims to: a deep, heavy riff that speeds up without losing any of its brain-bruising heaviness.

"Paranoia" has my favorite guitar work on the album, and "Pantanal" might be my favorite track on the album (and with my favorite sample), but they are all solid and overall all this is a a great debut EP.

You get 5 tracks on this EP, and it wraps up in under 20 minutes, and I can tell you I have listened to this album many, many times over the past few months. I just set it on repeat and listen to it an hour at a time.

I dig Cacería so much that I invited them to lay down a track on my next 100% stoner comp and you will dig how heavy this album turned out! Follow me on Bandcamp to get the comp when it drops in early September!

Another band to check out if you dig South American hardcore is Halfaya from Argentina.

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