Wednesday, August 28, 2019

BUFFALO LECTER improvised stoner rock jams

It's no secret how much I love jams and improvised music (Dos Brujos, anyone?) so I am excited to share BUFFALO LECTER with you. This is a 3-piece instrumental improvisational jam band whose music can be described as experimental rock, but there are also sounds of psych, prog, stoner .... this band explores a lot of sonic territory. Take a listen to their debut EP:

I asked Buffalo Lecter to tell me about their band and their sound:
Buffalo Lecter, an instrumental rock trio based in Recife, Brazil, has been developing its repertoire since October 2017, taking advantage of the freedom that only independent music can provide, to work the sounds and explore the capacity of music. instrumental reflect landscapes, moods, feelings of the soul. 
With a rock'n roll of many influences, the trio did not adhere to the comfort of the ready-made formulas and made it in the laboratory to achieve the band's multifaceted sonority, an expression that can be defined as a kind of progressive, psychedelia, hard molotov cocktail. rock, stoner ... an incendiary chemistry that won't let you keep still!
Buffalo Lecter is Jadie Tavares on drums, Laio Orellana on guitar and Marcelo Duva on electric bass.

Stay in touch with Buffalo Lecter at:

How I met these guys was when they contacted me about getting a song onto BRASIL IN FUZZ my new digital compilation featuring only bands from Brazil. Follow me on Bandcamp to get FIVE HOURS of killer heavy music from Brazil THIS SATURDAY!!