Saturday, August 17, 2019

CREATURES OF HABIT is the new thematic EP from King Cig -- drops August 30

King Cig - Creatures of Habit
King Cig - Creatures of Habit
King Cig is the stoner doom punk 4-piece from Melbourne (a city that needs no introduction for punks) that you'll remember had a song "Anxiety Machine" on my Opium Warlock's Dungeon of Darkness comp a while back. Now they are ready to unleash a 5-track EP with the same fuzzy doom punk sound and this time it's got a monstrous theme to tie it all together. Take a listen to the lead single, "Swamp Thing":

The EP drops on August 30 with 5 tracks. It opens with "The Creature Below" a short instrumental that sets the heavy doom mood perfectly for the rest of the EP. Then things get downright demonic with "Alpine Terror" with the punk vocals and dark lyrics, and some great psychedelic guitar work.

"Tomb Dweller" is the middle track. More of the heavy but fast-moving doom, and the vocals kick it up with dueling voices to drive home the satanic lyrics.

"Swamp Thing" is a good example where the guitar solo really explodes and this is on a couple of the other songs too.

"Thundertree" wraps it up with a bang, and this might be my favorite song. Pretty epic for a 4 minute song. You are in for a treat on August 30.

There is so much going on here that I was surprised when I checked the time and found the whole thing wraps up in 20 minutes. There's enough sonic mayhem on this to fill a full-sized album. Maybe two.

Besides the ghoulish theme, another thing that ties the songs together is the way they lead from one song into the next.

Every track on here is short and to the point. No slackers in this lineup. Fuzzy heavy stoner doom with punk vocals from start to finish. Be sure to follow King Cig so you can find out when CREATURES OF HABIT drops on August 30 -- links below.

King Cig in their own words:
Stoner/Doom/Punks from Melbourne. New EP Creatures of Habits’ has an over arching theme is of monsters, ghouls and creatures of the night. With tracks like “Swamp Thing” and “Tomb Dweller” it may seem like a monster manual on the surface but may very well be a metaphor for demons much more sinister.