Wednesday, August 28, 2019

EMBER BRICK stoner doom demo "Flying Money Machine"

I love demo albums. A little bit of lo-fi sound doesn't bother me, and when it's doom, usually the lo-fi adds to the sound. So when EMBER BRICK got at me with their demo debut album "Flying Money Machine" there was no problem to give it a listen. There's plenty of heavy fuzz, powerful riffs, and great vocals to show off what Ember Brick brings to the stoner doom scene. Have a listen:

I dig all the tracks, and a few really stand out to me. "The Tyrant" is probably the slowest song on the demo album, with some very groovy solo guitar work, but it really gets going before it wraps up. For such a short song, it really packs an impact. "Soul Franchise" is another track that I really dig. There's no reason to skip around the playlist. "Flying Money Machine" delivers half an hour of stoner doom worth listening to. I'm looking for the studio version of the album coming up in 2020. 

From the band: 
Ember Brick is a stoner/doom and prog oriented band. Our work is heavily influenced by the work of Black Sabbath, Nirvana, UFO, King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer (ELP), amongst others. Formed by Gabriel Lima on vocals and guitar, Guilherme Marin on bass guitar and Gustavo Constenaro on drums, we all come from the same region of southern Brazil, close to Maringá, Paraná. In mid 2018 the three of us moved to a house (in which we still live in) that is 200ft from the University that we go to, where we managed an extra room, so we could have a rehearsal room. Than we worked on composing for most of 2018 and early 2019. We released the demo of our first album, Flying Money Machine, in early April of this year and started playing at the local scene of Maringá. We've play some great gigs since them, and got to work with some cool bands as well. We planning to release the studio version of Flying Money Machine on early 2020 and we're currently working on our second album right now. For concert dates, follow us on instagram at @emberbrick.

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