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Top 10 Reasons to Share Bandcamp Codes

Top 10 Reasons to Share Bandcamp Codes

Fuzzy has given away THOUSANDS of album codes for bands on Bandcamp -- for my bands in The Swamp Records, and also for bands I have written reviews for here on the blog. Here's my list of why sharing Bandcamp codes is such a great idea: 

Bandcamp Codes are Cost-Effective

10. Bandcamp Codes are Cost-Effective

Bandcamp gives each artist 100 free codes, and extras for $3 per 100. When used effectively, you simply cannot find a better way to get your music out to new fans for less money and less effort. You could pay $50 or more to get onto Spotify playlists, $100 for Instagram or Facebook ads, or $250 (and way up) for a press release from an agency. Yet none of those is guaranteed to gain many new listeners for your music. Later on when your band has a steady flow of income from digital and merch sales, you will want to pursue advertising and other forms of promotion, but when your band is getting started and maybe has very little money for an advertising budget, then Bandcamp codes are priceless. 

Not sure how to create Bandcamp codes for your music? Read Fuzzy's post on How (and Why) to Share Bandcamp Codes

Get Into More Bandcamp Collections

9. Get Into More Bandcamp Collections

When a fan redeems a code, your music is now permanently a part of their Bandcamp collection. So now they can stream or download it from the web or their Bandcamp app forever. And your album will show up in the feeds of their followers, which gains more fans. BONUS TIP: Any time you share codes, remind your fans to select the checkbox for "add this item to my collection" (otherwise they simply download your album without adding it to their collection). ULTRA BONUS TIP: This is why you should ALWAYS send a blogger, podcaster, DJ, etc. a code for your music when you request a review or placement on their show. (Also send a link to your EPK.) Because many of them will redeem the code, and then your album will appear in the feeds of their followers, and some of these guys have HUNDREDS of followers on Bandcamp. You are definitely going to gain new fans each time this happens. MEGA ULTRA BONUS TIP: Fuzzy is a reviewer!!!! Always send me a code to your music!! I might not have time to write up a full review, but I will redeem the code and leave a comment on your Bandcamp page, and my nearly TWO THOUSAND followers on Bandcamp will see your album in their Bandcamp feed. Right on!

Show Fan Support on Your Bandcamp Pages

8. Show Fan Support on Your Bandcamp Pages

When a fan finds your album on Bandcamp, you don't want them to see a blank page without any supporters. You want people to see fan avatars supporting your page so that people will want to spend their time listening to your music. If your album page has fan avatars (even just a few), then people are more likely to give your music a try. Each time a fan redeems a code and selects the box "add this item to my collection," their fan avatar appears on your album page. So share codes with your Bandcampers and ask them to add your album to their collection. BONUS INFO: Fan avatars sometimes take several hours before they will appear on your album page. IMPORTANT: Some fans will forget to select the "add this item to my collection" box which means they will download your album, but their avatar won't appear on your album page. GOOD NEWS: Every time a fan adds your album to their Bandcamp collection by redeeming a code, your album appears in their Bandcamp feed, and all of their followers will see it. Right on!

7. Build A Relationship

Are you friends with another band, and they are also looking to find more fans? Share each other's codes! Chances are that your fans will dig their sound, and vice versa. PRO TIP: The best place to share codes is in a Bandcamp message to your fans. 

6. Keeps Things Going

It's a very slow (and on-going) process to gain followers on Bandcamp, but it's worth it. You will never see as many followers on Bandcamp as on your social media pages, but Bandcampers are much more valuable. They rarely un-follow a band, they already have a Bandcamp account setup and ready to buy merch, and they are dedicated to your music without expecting all of the social media hoopla. So once in a while, why not give out some codes to remind your fans of your music, and give something to your new fans. HELPFUL HINT: Don't bother sharing codes on Instagram. You can't share the link to redeem the code, and most fans don't have time to figure it out. Facebook is sort of OK, but the best place to share codes is from a Bandcamp message. 

5. Sharing Is Caring

Do you have a new single or demo or live album or EP? Why not give a copy to your fans. Let them know on social media that you'll be sharing codes at the end of the week, and that they should follow the band on Bandcamp. Then share the codes in a Bandcamp message. SUPER TIP: Lead up to the code drop by announcing during the prior week on your social media that you'll be sharing codes on Bandcamp. New fans will need to follow you on Bandcamp so that they get your message with the codes at the end of the week. MEGA TIP: Do the code drop as if it was an album release, and do it on a Friday! It's more fun that way. ULTRA PRO TIP: Always give your fans the link for redeeming your music (it's in the code file) and remind them to "add this item to my collection."

4. Blast From The Past

Let's say you have a new album to release. A week or 2 beforehand, why not share codes for an album out of your back catalog? It's not likely to make a lot of digital sales at this point anyway, and many fans won't take the time to dig through the back catalog. And it's a way to say to your  PRO TIP: I don't recommend giving out a lot of codes for a new album with merch attached to it. Bandcamp gives a free copy of your album when your fan buys the merch, so it's already free. 

3. NYP is AOK

It might seem like a strange idea to share codes if your album is already NYP. After all, they can enter zero at the purchase screen, and download your album for free. But your album will not appear in their collection, and their fan avatar won't show up on your album page. So no other fans will know you gained a new supporter. Even if your album is NYP, you still want to share codes for it, and remind your fans to "add this item to my collection" when they redeem it. Now that fan appears on your album page, they can leave a comment, and their followers on Bandcamp will see your album appear in their feed. 

2. Comments on Your Album Page

Fans don't want to show up to an album page on Bandcamp, and hear crickets. No fan avatars supporting the page, no comments -- these are not a good look for your album page! So, ask your fans to leave a comment on the album page. It's very helpful and many times they are glad to show their support for your band. PRO TIP: Fans can only leave a comment when they redeem a code and "add this item to my collection." ULTRA PRO TIP: Fans can leave a comment from the album in their Bandcamp app, or from their Bandcamp collection on the web. 

1. It Works!!

All of these tips are tried & true. I've used them, my bands have used them, and they are one of the best way for a new band to build up a fanbase on Bandcamp. BONUS TIP: Send some codes to Fuzzy! I can get your music out to The Swamp Krewe (my subscribers on Bandcamp) with hundreds of super fans, bloggers, podcasters, DJs, and people who will dig your music. Contact me at MORE INFO: You still want to publish your music on other streaming platforms, but remember that only Bandcamp makes it easy to attach merch. SUPER INFO: Bandcamp is the only service which a fan can discover your band using Google search. You album page is searchable, so be to include your band's bio, members, story, and add links to reviews you have received. 

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