Sunday, September 15, 2019

LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS dropped on Sept. 13

LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS
LEAFDRINKER new heavy psych album NOTHING GROWS
Art by Bill Nisenson
You already know I dig leafdrinker because they had a track on THE HEAVY SOUTH so I'm glad to report their new album dropped on September 13 and it carries on with their unique blend of heavy psych and stoner doom with a bit of Southern flair. "Carries on" is not quite right. "Explodes with" is more like it because this album takes their earlier music to a new level. This sounds like an album that took some time to get together, so check it out:

The album opens with "Settlers" which is from their earlier EP (I selected it for my Bandcamp compilation The Heavy South) so I'm glad to have it open the album. It's a great track.

Track #3 "Priestess" might be my favorite on the album. Slow and heavy, fuzzed out and spacey, this is a really solid track. I can imagine this one really moving things at their gigs.

Next up is "Demiurge" and that speeds things up right into grunge territory. Another solid song. You can see the pattern here right? There are only good songs on this album.

There is a great flow to Nothing Grows. I think it's especially important for psych albums to have a reason to want to hit PLAY and take the full ride all the way to the end. There's an ebb and flow to the pace of the songs and even with the vocals. Some songs are heavier on the singing, others have less, and "Bugs" is basically instrumental with a few howled phrases. And speaking of "Bugs" it might be my favorite track. (Wait, I already picked a favorite, so can I have 2?) For sure I dig the ominous heavy riff and the guitar solo a lot.

"No Other Way" ends the album and it's one of the most unique songs on the album, and very energetic. Maybe this is leafdrinker's way of saying, Go out and catch us at a gig. Not sure if the distortion jam at the end is included in their live show or not. I guess we'll have to catch them at one and find out.

From the band:
New Orleans Doom Bois taking influence from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, Mastodon, Boris, and OM.
leafdrinker plays a hefty number of shows this month, including Nashville, Memphis, Lafayette, Houma, and New Orleans.

Upcoming Shows:
9/16: New Orleans @ Gasa Gasa w/ Ole English and Rickshaw Billie's Burger Patrol
9/20: Nashville @ Cobra w/ Kanypshyn, Sydewynder and Wine Witch
9/21: Memphis @ The Hi Tone w/ Wine Witch and Geist
9/22: Lafayette @ Freetown Boom Boom Room w/ Kiva and Sexlord
9/23: Houma @ Intracoastal Club w/ TBA
10/5: New Orleans @ Venue TBD w/ Loro and Gools

So be sure and follow them to stay in touch: