Sunday, September 15, 2019

MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE

MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE
MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE
It's not often I get to connect with a band from Nor Cal so I'm excited to be telling you about MOURNFUL CRIES debut doom metal album BAD TASTE. This is 7 tracks of heavy fuzzy riffs from a band that has been together for a while, and you can hear their experience in the quality of the music and also across the entire album -- every track on here is a ripper. Check out BAD TASTE from Mournful Cries:

"Sea of Trees" starts things off right, and even it's track length is right: 4:20! Not overly long by doom standards, but all that matters is how the songs sound, and these sound good. This trio knows how to stay doom while keeping things moving at a brisk pace.

"Bad Taste" is not the longest track on the album, but its slow methodical riff makes it seem the most epic to me. Might be the best track on an album with only good songs. It's my favorite track even before the guitar solo kicks in, and it's a doozy. Just when things might veer into heavy psych territory, Mournful Cries piles on the doom to keep things solidly in the doom metal side of things.

Every good album needs an killer ending, and "Witches' Herbs" anchors this heavy album with nearly ten minutes of slowly building doom. A great finish.

Mournful Cries is:
Riff Finder/Vox: Luis Olguin
Bass Wizard: Matt Lasserre
Assault and Battery: Alex Hernandez
From the band:
Born under the haze of the witches' herbs. Started in the summer of 2015, Mournful Cries is a Doom/Heavy Metal band from Santa Rosa, Ca. Set out to conjure riffs inspired by slow and heavy music.