Sunday, September 29, 2019

ULTRACOMBO stoner doom metal debut

ULTRACOMBO stoner doom metal debut 
ULTRACOMBO s/t EP arrives with a furious blend of heavy riffs, fast metal pacing, and fuzzy vocals to deliver a super solid set of non-stop ripping songs. I've been listening to a lot of weedcore and groove metal lately which is not exactly the sonic space that ULTRACOMBO falls into, but their relentless speed and pounding riffs gets them into a sound that is too fast just to be only stoner, and too heavy just to be only metal. I really dig this unique blend of fuzzy, heavy, and speed so check out ULTRACOMBO:

The album opens with "The King" and you get what ULTRACOMBO came here to deliver: fuzzy soaring vocals with a psych feel, layered for fast heavy riffs. "Sparatutto" and "Gravità" keep things going with a fast pace, heavy doom, and psych guitar solos. 

Things take a break with "Flusso" which opens with a much more subdued tone, but don't worry because it hits you with a nice fuzzy drop and then pounds away with UTLTRACOMBO's blend of heavy fuzz and fuzzy vocals. Flusso is such a solid song it deserves to get spins on the major playlists.

The album wraps it up with "Il momento in cui non penso" which is the shortest track but is a strong finish to the album. The vocals take the spotlight on this one, and the band delivers ULTRACOMBO's heavy riffs to end things with a bang.

Ultracombo is:
Voice: Alessio Guarda
Bass: Giordano Pajarin
Drum: Flavio Gola
Guitar: Alberto Biasin
Guitar: Giordano Tasson
The band lists some of their influences as:
Queens of The Stone Age, Red Fang, Kyuss, Truckfighters, Tool, Fu Manchu, The Sword, Black Sabbath, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, King Gizzard e The Lizard Wizard, Greenleaf etc....
Other bands to check out if you dig ULTRACOMBO are Halfaya and Brahmans.