Sunday, September 1, 2019

MISLEADING instrumental doom psych debut

MISLEADING S/T instrumental doom psych
MISLEADING S/T instrumental doom psych
"Instrumental" and "Doom" are two words which when combined into a single phrase "Instrumental Doom" stop me right in my tracks. And then add some heavy psych to that?? When I got an email from MISLEADING about their debut album, I went straight to their Bandcamp page for a listen. When I noticed the album time clocks in around 45 minutes, that really sealed it for me. And sure enough, this band delivers a mind-blowing heavy doom psych experience. Thick, slow as it wants to be but more than able to kick up the tempo any fucking time they like, and enough guitar solos to please any heavy psych fan. Check out MISLEADING S/T:

One thing that is great about "Misleading Self-Titled" is the way it gladly embraces its heavy psych sound with its breaks in tempo and killer guitar solos, but doesn't end up getting into prog. (Don't get me wrong; I love progressive metal too, but it doesn't belong on this album.)

A great example where Misleading keeps the doom heavy but lets the guitar take off into outer space is around the 7 minute mark on "Karmemoto" where you need to buckle in and prepare for a hyperspace jump. And a killer sample on top of that? It's almost too much for an old gator like me.

As I said, this clocks at around the length of a killer vinyl, and it has the balanced sound you would love to hear on a record. There's a ebb and flow to the doom, and pacing to the psychedelic guitar work that make this a killer album to listen to straight through in a single session.

Spend a buck (or more!) when you download this album on Bandcamp so you'll get the bonus track. Right on! It's just as killer as the rest of the songs, but it puts the album way past being able to fit onto a vinyl.

From the band:
We'd like to introduce you our instrumental heavy psychedelic rock, doomy, raw and freaky. Featuring members of Shades, SHC and Canens Carcer, the trio Misleading was born from the ashes of doom to hypnotize with wild psych fights, walls of sonic noise and tempestuous heaviness.
Check out the video for "Portal Visions" --

I have been hearing more and more great music from Portugal lately. Also check out The Black Wizards.