Monday, September 16, 2019

MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP "First Blood"

MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP
MYSTERY DUDES debut stoner punk EP
MYSTERY DUDES are a stoner punk band who have arrived at the right place at the right time. The place? The stoner doom scene. The time? Right now, with many fans interested in hearing something fresh and that's exactly what Mystery Dudes deliver on their debut EP. It's got fuzzy heavy stoner doom, but it's faster and edgier with shorter songs like you get from punks. Check them out:

First Blood shoots right out of the gate with the instrumental banger, "Mathematrix." This is five solid minutes of energetic riffs with the fuzz and heavy sound to put the stoner into stoner punk. 

Next up is "Breaking the Rules" which has even more punk sound with the introduction of angry (but not too angry) vocals. The singing definitely fits the vibe of the music. 

In the middle is "Satan's Spawn." Great title. Kinda groovy in a grungy sorta way but the lyrics are punk-ass all the way.

Next to last is the instrumental protest song, "Instrumental Protest Song" which despite the name is perhaps the most mellow song on the EP. And it's about the longest punk song I've ever heard.

"Kill the Lightning" wraps it up fast and hot with fuzzy vocals.

It's no mystery -- you'll dig the Mystery Dudes. And if you like stoner punk, be sure to check out The Swamp's DEAD PANDA along with some other recent stoner punks I've reviewed including MOOZOONSII, BUZZARD CULT, and CAGED WOLVES

Mystery Dudes are from Norway and are:
Bjørnar Lien Roset - Guitar / Vocals
Rolf Bang - Bass
Ola Jørgen Kyrkjeeide - Drums 
From the band:
Mystery Dudes will melt your face of with their eclectic,
fuzzed out blend of stoner rock, punk and heavy psych.
Regardless of style, the sonic output is always heavy,
hypnotic and hits you in all the right places at once!
Hailing from the far out corners of Norway's wasteland,
the hard hitting power-trio made Oslo their home base.
There they cultivated heavy riffs and catchy tunes in their secret lair,
before unleashing the beast now known as Mystery Dudes!