Thursday, September 12, 2019

MOOZOONSII debut stoner groove metal EP is INCREDIBLE

MOOZOONSII debut stoner metal EP
MOOZOONSII debut stoner metal EP
Remember earlier this year when I reviewed a fantastic stoner metal album debut out of Argentina from LOW MACHINE? Here's the link. I love that album, and so does The Swamp Krewe. It is one of the most popular albums we have listened to this year. So when the drummer from Low Machine told me about his other band in France called MOOZOONSII and their new debut self-titled EP, you know I was on it. This has so many elements of my ideal album: instrumental, stoner, metal, and it plays with a consistent killer sound from the very start to the very end. Check out MOOZOONSII:

Each song is unique, yet there is a consistency across all 7 tracks which makes this play out in such a solid way that I have not listened to this yet without playing the entire EP. It's like somehow these songs all need to be played together. The high metal content of the songs connects them together with some kind of stoner magnetic force. Even the slower sections have enough energy to power the entire album.

There's a bit of a stoner punk vibe going on here. We've got 7 tracks clocking into 25 minutes. These are not epic 15 minute slow stoner songs. Moozoonsii comes in hot, moves fast, and melts your face. Then they move onto the next song and do it all over again.

Moozoonsii calls their sound groove metal and I agree!

There's not much point to single out any of the tracks. They are all fresh, explosive, and exactly how I like my stoner groove metal. I will point out Fœtality is incredible so if you only share one track with your friends, it is a good choice.

Moozoonsii is:
Basile Chiariello (guitar)
Raphael S-Drafo (bass)
Matthieu Bellemere (drums)
From the band:
Instrumental, big & groovy riffs, fast psych parts, quick structure changes.
The drummer and guitar player are also in OZMA so check them out on Bandcamp. Also instrumental with more a heavy metal sound. 

And remember to check out LOW MACHINE too! Another killer album with a more chill stoner sound compared to Moozoonsii.