Monday, September 9, 2019

CAGED WOLVES alternative stoner rock debut EP

CAGED WOLVES debut EP just dropped with 5 tracks of fuzzy, angry alternative stoner rock. The riffs are fast, the licks are nasty, and the vocals are pissed off. I dig it! Check out Caged Wolves:

Check out the angry lyrics and singing on "Majestic" to get an idea of how Caged Wolves pushes the edge of alternative stoner right into stoner punk. The guitars are pissed off too, with the solo straining to get its point across. After that, the singing goes back to a softer tone as if in defeat. Man this is a really good song on a really good EP. Check these guys out!

You can also hear Caged Wolves on Spotify here.

Another thing I like about this band is that "alternative" for them means "edgy" rather than "shoegaze" and I would even describe them as stoner punks to someone who asked. Their sound is heavy and riffy but fast and angry at the same time, and if you dig them as much as I do, then you should also check out other recent stoner punk albums by bands such as Dead Panda and Mystery Dudes. You could even say there is some grunge going on here too. It's a great thing when a band has their own unique sound, and it has the sounds of many different styles of music. Right on!

And I have to point out, I don't hear a lot of new music coming out of Austria so that's really cool too. Dos Brujos and their non-stop thrash guitars are also from Austria so let's hope we hear more music from there.

Caged Wolves is:
Guitar/Vocals - Johnny Owl
Guitar - Stoner Elvis
Bass - Christian Sorko
Drums - cián
From the band:
Caged Wolves was founded in 2017 in Vienna. Under the motto "MORE FUZZ" the band draws its attention between rock songs and instrumental spherical melodies using the example of legends like Kyuss & Black Sabbath.
Caged Wolves has a show coming up on 12 September in Vienna so follow them to stay in touch: