Thursday, September 26, 2019

DAHUZ doom psych debut EP hits you with a dash of prog

DAHUZ doom psych debut EP
DAHUZ doom psych debut EP
What's going on in France?? Just in the last week I have heard some mind-blowing doom psych. First it was Nydeaf, then Occult Hand Order, and today it is DAHUZ. Wow, this little 3-track partly instrumental debut EP is one of the most original set of songs I have heard in a while. Dahuz effortlessly weaves doom, psych, stoner, and even a dash of post or prog (depending on your interpretation) into a sound that is rewarding and captivating. It's hard not to really focus on these songs, which isn't to say you can't also just kick back and enjoy the heavy waves of sound as they wash over you. Check out DAHUZ:

Some other goodness: a few choice samples (I absolutely love samples), and the middle track is instrumental. I love the vocals on here (they have the perfect spaced-out sound for a doom psych album) but I won't deny how much I dig instrumentals. This EP delivers the best of all -- some of each. Right on!

From the band:
Gravelly echo of heavy bass lines, infuriated riffs and ethereal melodies drawing its inspiration from the most ancient fears and beliefs of humankind. Dahuz is a stoner/doom/prog band from the south of France.
Dahuz is from southern France and its members are:
Drums: Guillaume Spinetta
Bass guitar: Alexandre Culoma
Guitar, vocals: Emmanuel Cadman
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