Saturday, December 28, 2019

GENIUS OF SUGARCANE drops their stoner doom demo EP "Preludes From New Times"

GENIUS OF SUGARCANE drops their stoner doom demo EP "Preludes From New Times"
GENIUS OF SUGARCANE demo EP "Preludes From New Times"
The reason to make a demo is to introduce your fans to your music, and GENIUS OF SUGARCANE has done exactly that with a 3-track demo "Preludes From New Times" that covers a lot of sonic territory. The music ranges from stoner to doom to psych, the vocals are in English, Portuguese, and an instrumental track. Even the themes range from Cthulu, spirituality, and nuclear war. This is one of the best demo albums I've heard in a long time. Check out "Preludes From New Times" from Genius of Sugarcane:

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Genius of Sugarcane is:

  • Estevão Neri Massucatti - Guitarra/Vocal
  • Luis Alfredo Santos - Guitarra
  • Bruno Rodrigues - Baixo
  • Rodrigo Gaspar Rodrigues - Bateria

From the band:
The songs on this EP cover a variety of subjects, such as literature in the song "Cthullu is Coming" influenced directly by the writer H.P. Lovecraft, spirituality in the" Mantra "track and the current themes in" Atomic Curse "that has as its theme nuclear wars. In February 2018 in Nova Venécia, ES countryside -Brazil, started as a simple joke between friends, playing covers of classic rock n roll and blues bands, and gradually evolved into something more serious. It was initially formed by Estevão on guitar, Luis on guitar and Rodrigo on drums, we were looking for a bassist to complete the lineup, was then a friend of the band started in the band, Bruno. Before it arrives, you can listen to some ready-made songs, influenced by 70s / 80s rock / metal / doom and psychedelia
Follow Genius of Sugarcane on Bandcamp to find out when they release their next set of songs:


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