Friday, October 2, 2020

New Video from OX EN MAYO ALTO


Fuzzy loves great music and he loves a concept. Albums with a theme or a story? Sign me up! Argentina's OX EN MAYO ALTO have created a new video from their new 3-song post-rock mini-EP "Los famosos días de la fiebre" (Famous Days of the Fever) which weaves allegories of world-creation together with a blend of post-hardcore, prog, and dreamcore. Watch the video for on 666 Mr. Doom's YouTube channel:

Here is how the band describes the EP and the video:
In our EP we try to tell about the destruction and reconstruction of a fictional world by establishing analogies with 1) a famous speech by Robert Oppenheimer after the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, and 2) a fragment of the film The VVitch, written and directed by Robert Eggers, 3) ‘The Great Day of His Wrath’, oil painting on canvas by the English painter John Martin.

FFO any thematic album but in particular check out Fuzzy's Crow and Poe and Moonlit's "Eternal Sunshine."

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