Sunday, December 29, 2019

DESERTS OF MARS new heavy rock EP "Return from the Void" is pure badass

DESERTS OF MARS new heavy rock EP "Return from the Void"
DESERTS OF MARS new heavy rock EP "Return from the Void"
20 minutes of badass heavy rock is waiting for you on the new EP from DESERTS OF MARS. It's been a few years since their last album, and by the sound of it the band has been saving up the hard fuzzy riffs until they were ready to be unleashed. This set of tracks doesn't slow down at any point, and the vocals soar over the fuzz to deliver one of the best hard rocks albums I've heard this year. Check out "Return from the Void" from Deserts of Mars:

Deserts of Mars is from Austin and its members are:
  • Tony Salvaggio – Founding/lead member of DoM whose growling bass has been known to shake the stars and is the perfect complement to his melodic vocals.
  • Morgan Faber - A drum powerhouse from another galaxy, laying waste to foes with thunderous fury.
  • Bradley Barnes - Heavy Axe-Slinger extraordinaire, his guitar is known to soothe the stars or shatter planets, whatever the Mars Metal deems necessary.

From the band:
Austin, TX based Deserts of Mars was formed in 2006 with a heavy fuzzed out bass sound and the idea that the Riff Rules ALL!!!


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