Friday, August 24, 2018

Zero-day-wareZ album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

From the instrumental metal jamming of Dos Brujos in Austria, let us now turn our ears towards Australia and the groovy funky metal jams of Zero-day-wareZ --



Two-Fisted Salute really funks out and gets the riffs in --

I was wondering about these lo-fi funky metal jams so I reached out to Mike (the guitarist) who had a great story to tell. These jams were recorded by the three guys (Mike - guitar / Ashe - bass / Ev - drums) back in college. Just them, their rig, and a single mic in the middle of the floor. But then a week later the drummer disappeared only to re-surface later in Germany! Alas, another lost rock n roll drummer. He was after a lady and we know what happened after that. So a few years later, Mike was going back through the recordings and cuts together what we have here in the album. But there probably won't be another Zero-day-wareZ album, at least not with the same line-up, unless the drummer decides to return from Germany. So enjoy these jams for now.

Blazed really gets its groove on. And for something a little more stoner, check out Dune Rider --

Is stoner jam a musical genre? If it is, then Dune Rider definitely qualifies.

The Bolt is downright funky --

Some of the tracks are heavier than the others, some are funkier, and well... you get the idea. Just start the album and enjoy an hour's worth of instru-metal jamming.

Check out the entire album over on Bandcamp where you can download it for free or throw a few Australian dollars their way to show your support.


But wait, there's more! I might have got my cracklins crossed and Mike has a few updates --

We met in college and formed our musical appreciation together there. We recorded jams 1, 2 & 3 in College, then Jams 4 - 13 (where this album was cut from ) 10 years later, meeting up at rehearsal studios.

And Ev, the drummer, has been all over the Europe & Asia... he's actually in Finland right now! He split up with the girl he chased years ago and now he's roaming solo. Surely that means there's a chance he may return? Who knows. Ev is a mystery.
Oh - and I have more recordings to dig through - I may have another half a dozen tracks I could publish, maybe more. I'll see what I can find!

So that's great news -- there could be more tracks! I'll keep the crawdads boiling.

BTW these guys kind of remind of Electric Octopus -- instrumental, jams, funky & groovy, and really get the riffs on. Check out Electric Octopus on Bandcamp if you are into this kind of music.