Monday, December 23, 2019

MOONSTONE debut stoner doom album drops on Dec. 28

MOONSTONE debut stoner doom album

MOONSTONE drops their debut stoner doom album on December 28th with 5 tracks of pounding, heavy riffs and ghostly vocals. This set of 5 songs has a chugging, relentless flow that gives this album the feel of a more experienced band. "Ash and Stone" is the pre-release single which I really dig, and if I had to pick a favorite from this solid list, it would be "Pale Void" which hits that perfect blend of heavy riffs and vocals from the dark realms. Stream MOONSTONE s/t free on Bandcamp:

Moonstone is a band I would love to see live at a show. It doesn't take much imagination to get the idea for how their show will pound your head with these heavy riffs.

Moonstone is:
  • Jan Maniewski - guitars and vocals
  • Wiktor Kozak - bass
  • Kacper Kubień - drums
From the band:
Assembled in 2017, Moonstone has stormed the stages of Kraków with their dynamic take on stoner/doom metal. Set to come out on December 28th, their self-titled debut album is an intense combination of eerie vocals and thunderous instrumentals. A surge of hypnotic guitar riffs, heavy bass, and pounding drums from start to finish, Moonstone is a riotous newcomer to the scene, one which is sure to leave you intoxicated in every sense of the word. Don’t miss the fucking trip.
Label: Galactic Smokehouse

There will be a CD too so follow Moonstone on Bandcamp for the info:


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