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Lost Comm by Stone Disciple

Lost Comm by Stone Disciple
Lost Comm by Stone Disciple
I'm lucky to get out of the swamp a few times a year and spend some quality time in Denver. Man, that city seems to get groovier every time I visit. I can't keep up on the count of brew pubs and dispensaries. And let's not overlook the music scene. It might be a little early to call Denver the stoner music nexus, but it sure seems to be heading that way. Listen to the Bandcamp stream and read Fuzzy Cracklin's full review of the stoner metal album Lost Comm by Stone Disciple below......

First up is The Way of the Stone(d). OK, who doesn't like a long song, right? Plenty of time to sit down, prep your goodies, chill out, and still have time to enjoy the riff. We don't even get any vocals on the first track until almost the three minute mark. These guys aren't messing around by opening with a track like this.

I'm really digging the low-key vocals. Very chill. They don't get in the way, and they let the guitars and rhythm section do their thing. And what a thing they do. There is some great playing on this EP. Heavy and riffy.

Next is New Witch. It's a lot shorter than the first track and gets right into the riffs and singing. Very upbeat and energetic.

Stone Disciple is (left to right) Jared Martinez - guitar/vocals, Patrick Ellison - guitar/vocals, A.J. Rothermel - drums/vocals, Will Bertelsen - bass 
Track 3 is Coastal, and we're back to a heavier, longer song. The guitar work really gets out in front on this one. If I didn't like The Way of the Stone(d) so much, I might call this one my favorite track of the album. Sounds like the heaviest song on here. 

Lost Comm wraps up with the bass riffs starting off Nebula Rising. Then it gets a little groovy as the guitars join in, and like with the first song we don't get the vocals until a ways into the track. Yes, by now I've decided I am definitely digging the mellow singing. Nebula Rising is a great track to wrap up the album.

Stone Disciple's Lost Comm will sit nicely in your heavy stoner collection. It fits right in while at the same time having a unique sound. Go get this album Bandcamp already, ok? And the price is right :)

Everybody in the bayou knows Fuzzy likes an album he can start and play all the way through without skipping or jumping tracks. And that is exactly what Stone Disciple delivers on Lost Comm. So what if it's not quite 30 minutes? That's why there is a REPEAT button. 

Octslowerfest 2018
Octslowerfest 2018
In you are near Denver on October 27, check out Stone Disciple along with some other heavy bands at Octslowerfest 2018.

I had to ask Jared about the album cover. Fans are sort of spoiled with all the killer album covers these days, but even so this one is really a trip.  It's by Jon Hall @movingforwardstandingstill who also draws tats. That skull in the cracked helmet is looking pretty good....

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