Loud & Lonely vol. 1

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Featuring exclusive and new tracks
as well as previously released tracks

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Drops on Dec. 7

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So much great music and so few ways for fans to find it.

Now is the time for the solo musicians of Bandcamp to get together on one album and help each other's music get into the ears of fans.

Any style of music is good as long as it is LOUD. Stoner, metal, fuzz, desert, heavy rock, prog, doom. Instrumental or not. The only requirement is you wrote and recorded it all by yourself. (No covers, please. I love covers but can't handle the royalty and licensing issues.)

It would be ideal if this was a new track you have not previously released. Go ahead and include it on your next project (you keep all the rights to your work). If you want to throw in a previously-released track, that's fine, too.

Put some effort on the big release day to help promote the album. That's the whole idea, after all -- to get as much exposure as we all can for our work. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, tin cans and string -- whatever you can contribute is great.

The gory details:
  • You keep all the rights to your music. You only give me permission to include it on a compilation album that I will release on Bandcamp.
  • Don't expect any money. This is all about promotion. If there is any money, I will split it 100% (less Bandcamp fees) between the musicians and the cover artist. I am not keeping any money from this project. (Fuzzy Cracklins is independently wealthy.) If your track is sold directly, then you get 100% (less Bandcamp fees) of the money for your track.
  • You will help promote the album in any way you can on the release date. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls, emails, notes attached to rocks and thrown through windows. Whatever you can contribute.
Let's do this! Contact me at fuzzycracklins@gmail.com

Follow me for updates at @fuzzycracklins on Instagram