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4 Years After by Lady Electric instrumental stoner album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

4 Years After by Lady Electric
4 Years After by Lady Electric
I am getting my ass kicked at work this week but I have to make time to review one of my favorite albums of the year. (In case you are wondering how Mr. Cracklins earns his living, let's just say that it is legal and also that it kicked my ass this week.) Free streaming after the jump, and keep reading for the Fuzzy Cracklins review of the instrumental stoner album 4 Years After by Lady Electric.....

Riffy, mellow, groovy, mesmerizing... I could keep going with the adjectives but just listen to a few of these tracks.....

A lot of great albums these days are more in the EP category and I'm glad if they are even 30 minutes. If it's good, it's good. But here we have nearly an hour, and it's still good. 4 Years After starts off with the very mellow and groovy Seaside which sets the tone for the entire album. It just grooves along without grinding in the wrong direction. 

Next up is Warm-Up which is a livelier affair. I totally dig the riffy guitar work here. The bass and the drums really put the energy behind this one.

Dust Bowl and Cosmos are my favorite tracks on the album. Which is saying a lot because I really dig the entire album. Dust Bowl gets things really cranking, and then Cosmos has this slow burn which just goes and goes. Layers of different riffs are pulling you in different directions.

This is a good point for me to pause the review for a moment and talk about the band. I did not believe it was only three members after I first heard it. But it's true -- this is only Radek on drums, Arek on guitar, and Remik on bass. Just three dudes from Poland who are killing it with a stoner album.

And of course it is instrumental ... Fuzzy Cracklins has a soft spot for the instrumental. And the loud and fuzzy. So I asked Arek about it, and he said --
I think it’s easier to express emotions using only music. Words are more established in meaning, but can be misrepresented easily or quickly become meaningless.
That is something I could have said myself! (But of course I didn't and I couldn't have said it that well in any case.) But whenever one of my buddies in the bayou asks me why I listen to so much instrumental music, that is what I am trying to say to them. Don't let someone else tell you what the music is making you feel -- let your own feelings decide that.

And what about the album title, 4 Years After? That's how long they've been working on these tracks. Great things take time!

Back to the review ... Space Diesel might be the fuzziest and heaviest track on the album. It takes you down, and just when you think you can't get any lower, it drags you down a little further. Such a great sound.

I've been to San Fernando, at least the one in California, so I'm not sure if this track is a reference, in fact I'm sure it is not, but it is in the Southern California desert so you never know. Anyway, another great track. There are no weak tracks on this album. This is a little more groovy but it rocks, too.

Jhator and Spring wrap it up, and I mean seriously -- you feel like you have just been on the stoner's tour of heavy town.  Don't even get me started about how cool the album cover is.

And best news of all -- Lady Electric is working on a new album which will be be out in 2019 -- I'll be there!

So stop reading and go check out Lady Electric over on Bandcamp. 

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