Thursday, October 25, 2018

NEW RELEASE October by Crushing Yellow Sun acid rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

October by Crushing Yellow Sun acid rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins
October by Crushing Yellow Sun

I love a band name that is truth in advertising. These tracks are indeed going to crush you into whatever you are sitting in, so get seated in your favorite comfy spot before hitting play on this heavy album. Listen and read on for the Fuzzy Cracklins music review of the Crushing Yellow Sun instrumental acid rock album October that drops today....

Crushing Yellow Sun in a one-man band playing heavy, fuzzed-out acid rock. He started dropping tracks on October last week and wrapped it up today with the full album. So let's dig in....

Right off this album opens with the power of Ship of Fools. Fuzzy, loud, and completely heavy. If you thought this was going to be a Taylor Swift album, now is your chance to bail out. The rest of the tracks are going to crush you just like this one.

OK, so I exaggerated just a smidge. Track #2 Gentle Breeze is short little spaced-out ditty, but really it is more of an interlude than a song. And of course what it is really doing is giving you a chance to catch your breath before you get to Deep in the Void which is more brain-bashing body blows for your mind. If you haven't already run over to CYS's page on Bandcamp to buy this album then you either forgot to plug in your speakers or you should see your doctor about getting your hearing checked. Because it just doesn't get any better than this, folks. Just the heavy music with everything else stripped away.

And it only gets better with The Man on the Corner. OK at this point you just need to listen to the album for yourself. It's got 9 tracks but it clocks in more like an EP at just 31 minutes so you can just turn it on, hit repeat, and enjoy the rest of your day.

Crushing Yellow Sun in the flesh
Crushing Yellow Sun in the flesh

So who is this Crushing Yellow Sun who is crushing us with his fuzzed-out heavy tracks? Let's let the man speak for himself --
Crushing Yellow Sun got started in late 2015 when I got an old 4 track recorder. I eventually switched to recording digitally but that’s where the idea for a one person band started. I usually start with a drum track first and just keep riffing along with it till I find something that fits. Sometimes it goes nowhere, and if i’m lucky i’ll expand that riff into more for an entire song, adding bass next and solos last. The new album has a lot of that process working on it. I’m really proud of how it turned out. Last year I built a pedalboard that can handle a flanger, phaser, reverb, wah, fuzz, and tremolo. Those are the main pedals i use. Especially the wah, obviously.
Obviously! Thanks for a great album, man. Check out Crushing Yellow Sun's October on Bandcamp.

Fuzzy is all fuzzed-out about having Crushing Yellow Sun on the upcoming Loud & Lonely vol. 1 compilation! It drops on December 7 and you are going to love the heavy sounds on there. We've got 15 musicians lined up already! More info at Loud & Lonely vol. 1.