Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Doctor Tea vs The Star Sickness (and other tales) electronic album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Doctor Tea vs The Star Sickness (and other tales)
Doctor Tea vs The Star Sickness (and other tales) 
Everybody knows Fuzzy Cracklins loves a good soundclip. At least, everyone who read my review of Nydeaf's What In The Universe or checked out my playlist of great sound clip tracks. Read on for Fuzzy Cracklin's album review of the electronic trippy sci-fi loudness of Doctor Tea vs The Star Sickness (and other tales)......

High energy and loud. That's enough right there to recommend an album. But when it's got sound clips from the Twilight Zone?? Are you kidding? Let's take a listen to Probe 7 --

Probe 7 is a loud, funky, high-energy homage to everyone's favorite science fiction TV show. I only sort of remembered that episode, and only after I searched it out, but then it all came back. If you need a refresher, here it is over at Wikipedia. I mean it's Richard Basehart after all. "Probe 7 is no longer probing...." You can't write lyrics like that! So DocTea is right to sample someone who did.

The rest of the album is just as fun and energetic and full of all kinds of electronic goodness. Just play the tracks. While you are listening, you can read what Doc Tea had to say when I asked him about it. First here is what he had to say about Probe 7 but also we get a little backstory to the rest of the tracks -- 
The first track "Probe 7" is built around vocal samples from The Twilight Zone, and sets the scene of a lost space traveler who disappears from base's communication.  With 'King Silver' I had in mind the first astronaut to smoke a spliff in space -- thanking 'mission control' for making it happen (still my ambition to be the first man to roll a spliff in space).  Broken Dream is the stoned peace and dream of a better world broken by rude gamma interference.  'Iridescent, Green and Yellow, 10 Gram Brain' grooves on the performance-enhancing drugs that all bold adventuring astronauts and psychonauts need.  Subspace Corridors soundtracks the descent from research and normalcy into madness and chaos as doors are opened that can't be shut;  'Identity' coming to terms with the self in the altered universe or was it all a delusion....?  AK38 the return to home and normality... but Spooky Action is still there interfering from a distance..
Doctea's got plenty more music over on Soundcloud so check it out -- 

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