Saturday, October 6, 2018

Lunar Eclipse EP by Stonus stoner heavy rock album review by Fuzzy Cracklins

Lunar Eclipse by Stonus album review by Fuzzy Cracklins
Lunar Eclipse by Stonus
Officially, summer turned into fall a few weeks ago. But here in the swamp, it never feels like autumn until October. Today is the first day of October so now it's time for the swamp grass to droop and the gators to slow down with the cooler temperatures. The change in season makes me want to listen to something a little more mellow than usual. But I don't want to go to sleep, at least not this early in the day. Listen for free and read Fuzzy Cracklin's review of the stoner heavy rock album Lunar Eclipse EP by Stonus below...
And the perfect album just landed in my mailbox for this mood. It's the soon-to-be-released (later this week) second EP called "Lunar Eclipse" from band Stonus hailing from the island nation of Cyprus. Lunar Eclipse fits with the weather, too: partly mellow, partly stoner, rocks out, gets a little chill, and all of that fits into a 25-minute EP. I really dug their sound on their debut EP and this one delivers, too.

Lunar Eclipse starts off with a very chill spoken-word intro track. It's only a few minutes, but it gives you time to find a comfortable seat, load a bowl, roll one up, check the water level, or just grab a brew. Whatever gets you in the mood.

Next up is Aspirin, and it starts right off with a loud, fast, and heavy riff. The intro is behind us and now it's time to rock. The vocals kick in with a nice echo and sort of fuzzy effect. This track really gets going. It just gets right up there and stays there.

Stonus band live on stage
Stonus on stage
Right in the middle of the track list is Spiritual. True to its name, it slows things back down so you can catch your breath after Aspirin. Or take another hit or grab that next brew. Whatever it takes. Fuzzy doesn't judge. We're back into some spoken work vocals here which I really enjoy. It is unique compared to most other albums, but also it just really fits so well with the sound of the music.

Lunar is the longest track on the EP. If I had to pick a favorite track, this is probably it. It gets loud and heavy, but stays on mellow at the same time if that makes any sense. You will have to listen for yourself. The other thing I like about this track is where it is placed in the track list. It's towards the end, you've been on most of the journey, and here is the climax. Stonus knows how to lay down the tracks in the right order.

The end result of 25 minutes and 5 tracks is a very solid listening experience. Overall, this sounds a little more mellow than their debut EP but at the same time it sounds like the band is definitely getting their heavy groove on. Keep your ears on Stonus, for sure.

Let's be honest, it would be nice if there was some more trackage on here. But if the worst thing you can say about an album is that you want it to be longer, then I say that's really good. And that is what the REPEAT button is for.

Oh yea, Mrs. Cracklins is totally into Lunar Eclipse, too. So there you go. We had to drive the Fuzzmobile around the bayou today which is always my chance to lay down some new tracks on her. She is the fussy to my fuzzy, and so if Mrs. Cracklins says it's good, you know it's good.

So let's meet Stonus the band ... these guys are all over Instagram so head over for plenty of band photos and bios. The short story is, these 5 guys got together in back in 2015 in Nicosia, Cyprus and dropped their debut EP last year.

Apeitos the bassist
Kotsios the drummer
Kyriacos the lead singer
Nicky the rhythm guitarist
Pavlos the lead guitarist
Love the cover art, too. The logo is new this time around and was done by @loizos_savva_design_lsd.

Follow Stonus band on Instagram or Bandcamp so you hear when Lunar Eclipse drops later this week.

And if you need a Stonus fix right away, all you have to do is check out their debut EP on Bandcamp: