Thursday, January 28, 2021

Prog rock "The Trial of the King" by Chromatic Aberration


Prog rock "The Trial of the King" by Chromatic Aberration

One of the things that is great about The Swamp Krewe (besides the hundreds of digital albums and exclusive CDs) is getting album recommendations from the other members. Sargent Signals recently sent me a link to the new prog rock album "The Trial of the King" by Chromatic Aberration. It's an EP by track count, and a full album by play time. Whatever you call it, this is some seriously groovy music. The album is mostly prog rock with its vocals and vibes, but the band isn't afraid to blend in a bit of psych especially when it comes to the final track with its epic length. Listen to "The Trial of the King" by Chromatic Aberration on Bandcamp:

Definitely some great guitar work going on here, which especially stands out on the longer of the two instrumental tracks, "The Incidence of Memory."

The lyrics suggest that while this might not a full-blown concept album, it's definitely thematic with songs about conflicts and kingdoms and, well, trials of kings. The music ties it all together nicely, too.  

Fuzzy's Favorite: "The Trial of the King" with its epic length, although the whole album sounds great and holds up to repeated listens.

FFO: MELLOW BEAST, LOOT THE BODY, and you already know which 70s albums. 

  • Chromatic Aberration is from Cleveland, Ohio with members: Joe Rubio / guitars, bass, keyboards
  • Steve Chait / drums, percussion, backing vocals (2, 3)
  • Brett William Kull / acoustic guitar (1)
  • GADD / lead vocals (2, 5)
  • Simone Baldini Tosi / lead vocals (3)
Many years in the making, and definitely worth a listen for all prog and psych rock fans.

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