Thursday, January 14, 2021

Psych rock concept album "The Tale of Sir Gregory" by MELLOWBEAST


Fuzzy really enjoyed last year's psych rock concept album debut from MELLOWBEAST, and the Story of Hyperion continues with their new release "The Tale of Sir Gregory" which is the 3rd album in the tale. This album has more of MellowBeast's easygoing early 70s psychedelia sound which is so carefree and natural that it can't help but to lift your spirits and carry you along in a wave of upbeat tempos. And what about our hero, Sir Gregory? Have a listen on Bandcamp to find out: 

"The Tale of Sir Gregory" has a story to connect the songs, which is hardly a requirement when the songs are so consistently good across the album, but the theme of a magic kingdom filled with dragons, goblins, and heroes fits so well with the music that the concept serves to elevate the entire project to the top of the current roster of psych rock bands. 

According to MellowBeast, the timeline of the story does not match the release dates of the albums. Here's the story of Hyperion in chronological order:

  • The Tale of Sir Gregory -- With the threat of a goblin attack looming the last king of man sends for his loyal knight sir Gregory to go on a deadly journey across Hyperion in search of a weapon powerful enough to stop the goblin hordes. On his journey he stumbles upon a dragon with whom he quickly becomes infatuated with. The dragon queen, sympathetic to Gregory's cause decides to aid him. The pair of star-crossed lovers search for an old sorcerer who has helped the dragon in the past. It is then that they discover the sorcerer was behind the goblin attacks. In their combined rage the dragons soul embues into Gregory's sword creating an all powerful weapon. Eventually Gregory is defeated in combat and the dragon spends the rest of her days within the sword, brewing hatred for the wizard
  • Sorcerers Sword -- A devotee conjurer is deeply saddened by his sudden loss of magical powers. In his darkest day he hears whispers calling to him. Whispers from a sword long forgotten to time. After aquiring the sword, madness soon creeps in. Plagued by terrible visions he takes it upon himself to cleanse the planet of Hyperion and create a new world in his own vision.
  • Hyperion -- This album is set in present day. A man bored of his mundane life finds him self teleported to an alien world full of weird and wonderful creatures who are obsessed with a prophecy telling of a hero that will come and save the world from the reign of the evil wizard

I'm hoping for at least one more album in the Story of Hyperion, since the last song is entitled "The Kingdom is Burning." Sounds like a cliff-hanger!

Catchy riffs, guitar solos, vocal styles for the characters, all wrapped up in a fantasy epic. "The Tale of Sir Gregory" is another great psych rock album from MellowBeast.

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