Monday, February 15, 2021

Stoner metal "Alive Ruins" from A BORROWING KID GENERATION

Fuzzy is excited to share the new stoner metal album from Greece's A BORROWING KID GENERATION! It's no lie to say that this band gets better and better with every release, and they started out 3 years ago with a killer sound to begin with! This album extends the band's psychedelic sound, along with longer clean guitar solos than in previous releases. Listen to A Borrowing Kid Generation's "Alive Ruins" on Bandcamp:

"Alive Ruins" blasts right out of the gate (as does every release from ABKG) and doesn't let up for 7 meaty tracks. Buzzing, fuzzy, fast-paced guitars race through their riffs without ever getting repetitive or losing sight of the mountain peaks which they so effortlessly ascend. "High Energy" doesn't really quite do this album justice. "Beyond High Energy" is more like it. 

"Alive Ruins" is a solid 45 minutes, and is just simply a badass metal album. 

"Rage Of Political Bastards (I Have A Dream)" deserves particular attention, as this is the first time that the band has made extensive use of samples in one of their songs. They really work to great effect here.

Fuzzy's Favorite: Every track on here is killer, but I'll pick "Alive Ruins" as my favorite because it demonstrates a bold new direction for ABKG. It's slower than most of their other tracks, and has deep sound to it with some killer guitar solos that really grab me. "Tambora Effect" is also a stand-out.

A Borrowing Kid Generation hails from Greece.

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