Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Atmospheric metal "Neurological Dimensions" by SLUGWEED


The songs on "Neurological Dimensions" drift somewhere between doom and acid metal, with a few highlights of drone and shoegaze. With its massive length and vocals which fit perfectly with the musical tone, this makes a great album to turn on and let your mind tune out. SlugWeed describes the sound as "one-man post-metal / sludge" which I can't argue with. Listen to "Neurological Dimensions" on Bandcamp: 


"Neurological Dimensions" is hefty, too -- with 9 songs and over an hour of music, just hit PLAY and enjoy the tunes. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Coral Reef" with its extended guitar solo on top of the slow relentless bass. "Sky Lights" might have the best vocals (more like spoken word), and the last 2 tracks "Planetarium" and "Incognito" fit together in a unique way which give the album a fitting end.

From the band: 

A brief background, SlugWeed one-man project. I'm behind everything; instruments, lyrics, album art, music distribution, everything has pretty much me and me only. My brain happens to work in a constant state of creativity and spontaneity, so music has been my "voice" where I can speak my ideas.

Regarding themes and inspiration, there isn't a lot to say there. My songwriting process is very "on-the-go" and I don't sit down and think about writing about something in specific, I record whatever comes to mind and continue to build. Lyric-wise, it's the same...there's a general theme of drugs, anger/hate, random fantasy and abstract stuff but no set meaning so it's all open to interpretation.

Specific to Neurological Dimensions, the album art and all the songs were recorded within a week after I took LSD for the first time and the closer you get to the end of the album the more trippy and ambient the songs get (sort of like a trip). The closing track(s) "Planetarium" and "Incognito" were recorded as the same song, and it's the only SlugWeed song with any sort of set meaning, which is about LSD. "Incognito" signifies the comedown, and how everything just slowly comes back and you return to a more normal and sober life. Given the whole LSD influence, the entire album is about tripping and navigating forward, the last tracks just happen to speak of that topic in a more direct and accessible way.

SlugWeed has more to hear in his catalog on Bandcamp -- check it out here https://slugweed.bandcamp.com and in particular be sure to check out "The Inner Outerside."

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