Wednesday, February 3, 2021

EVEN VAST "Warped Existence" is now on CD from Moon Relic Records


"Warped Existence" by EVEN VAST has just gotten a release on CD from MOON RELIC RECORDS, with the addition of 5 live tracks. If you missed the album during its original release, here is your chance to discover Even Vast's heavy rock sound with some elements of grunge and doom, and absolutely killer vocals. Check out  "Warped Existence" from Even Vast on Bandcamp:

I did some quick research on Even Vast, and it seems they have been around a while and started off in Italy, with a relocation to the UK and a resurgence in 2018 with "Inside Your Head" and finally this album following up in 2019. Now that they have signed with MOON RELIC RECORDS and released the remastered album on CD, I am sure we are going to hearing a lot more from Even Vast!

The live tracks really push this beast over the top, both in terms of overall length and it's always great to get live versions. But what makes these so special for me is the inclusion of the saxophone. The sax is an instrument is a rare instrument in the stoner world, but if it was good enough for The Stooges, then it should be good enough for more bands! And it sounds absolutely killer here.  (The sax is on the studio cuts too, and it seems to really stand out on the live versions.)

This release is really a double album. With 5 live tracks, you can't say that you aren't getting value for your money with this!

I've got a copy of the CD on the way and I can't wait to spin it!

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Imaginary Friend (Live)" 

Even Vast is from Nottingham, UK with members: 

  • Luca Martello (guitar)
  • Chris Taylor (vocals)
  • Steve Kilpatrick (bass)
  • Nicholas Mark Roe (drums) 
  • Alessandro D'Arcangeli (woodwind)

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