Thursday, January 7, 2021

Instrumental stoner "Hemerith" EP by Praÿ


Instrumental stoner "Hemerith" EP by Praÿ

Let's keep it real -- sure, most of us really dig some great singing but there are times when you just gotta keep it instrumental. There's something about letting the instruments do the singing which hits the spot. Maybe you want to zone out without the distraction of words, or perhaps you want to focus on the music. Whatever the deal is, instrumental music is one of the highlights of the underground scene. If you're with me on this, then you will absolutely dig "Hemerith" by Praÿ. Fuzzy is a little late getting his ears onto these 2 extended stoner tracks, but it's a new year and time for new tunes. Have a listen to Praÿ and we'll chat afterwards:

Sure, it's only 2 tracks, but with nearly 25 minutes of vibes, there is a lot to dig into here. And Praÿ doesn't waste any time digging in. The heavy riffs start right off with "Faithless Goddess" and keep going through "Widow Of Light." The former is a little cleaner, and the latter is a little fuzzier, but both have a desert rock foundation which is undeniable and exceptionally good. 

Each instrument in this trio (bass, guitar, drums) stands out so cleanly in the mix that I would suggest this EP to anyone who asks me, "What's this stoner music thing all about?" It's not too slow or too fuzzy, it's got catchy riffs, and each instrument gets its chance to do its thing. If you have a friend who digs heavy rock but hasn't yet caught the stoner bug, then you need to send them this album. They'll connect with the heavy bass & drums section, or the guitar solos, and feel right at home, but realize there's a lot more going on here than with your typical rock music.

Usually I like to pick out a favorite song, but with only 2 tracks (both equally good), instead I'll point out a favorite section. It's the middle of "Widow Of Light" which splits the song in half with a haunting guitar solo and more of that heavy bass & drums which I dig so much. 

Praÿ hails from Lyon, France with members: 

  • Guitar: Maud Gibbons
  • Bass: Jason Rols
  • Drums: Antoine Berthet-Bondet

From the band: 

Our stuff is to mix stoner rock with doom, psychedelic music and space rock.

Follow Praÿ on Bandcamp at

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