Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Acid fuzz SONIC DEMON "Vendetta"


Acid fuzz SONIC DEMON "Vendetta"

Fuzzy's ears are still reeling from SONIC DEMON's twin sonic attacks in late 2020, and without mercy the band has just detonated another bomb of psychedelic acid doom with "Vendetta." This time the agent of destruction is a full album, clocking in at 40 minutes with 8 songs. The band delivers a blend of fuzzy doom metal and rough vocals which reminds me of PROFESSOR ELECTRIC in the best possible way. 

Drenched in acidic fuzz with catchy riffs and some killer clean guitar solos, Sonic Demon kicks off 2021 with a fantastic album. I wonder if my ears will get a chance to recover before Sonic Demon drops their next bomb?

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Revenge" has all of the band's caustic sound with a groovy guitar solo, but really, if you dig one song on this album, you're going to dig them all. "Cosmic Eyes" stands out, too, with its slow build-up and stand-out length.

Follow Sonic Demon on Bandcamp at https://sonicdemon.bandcamp.com

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