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FROGLORD "Amphibian Ascending" sludge metal from Bristol UK
GREEN HOG "Dogs From Hell" stoner metal with an 11x17 poster by Steven Yoyada
LUNAR SWAMP "UnderMudBlues" doom blues with an 11x17 poster by Steven Yoyada (Doom Charts 2020)


KADAL debut instrumental stoner doom from Indonesia featuring legendary Underground artist STEVEN YOYADA on bass
INFEROUS "Somos la noche" Argentinean heavy psych stoner doom
BLOODSHOT BUFFALO "Becoming Absence" heavy rock from NorCal
ELECTRIC CULT "The First Rite" sludge metal with 2-sided lyric poster


BLACKJACK MOUNTAIN "Holding Time" stoner rock

BOG WIZARD vs DUST LORD "Four Tales Of The Strange" stoner doom split

BRETUS "S/T" horror doom (Swamp Krewe re-issue #1)

CHAOS COLLECTIVE "Rituals In Sound" compilation

DOOMSDAY REJECTS "Volume 600" doom metal with 2-sided poster

GRAVE DISGRACE "Rest In Peace" classic doom (Doom Charts 2020)

LOOT THE BODY "Barrier Peaks Songbook" psych rock with 24-page color songbook with lyrics & chords, and a sticker

LORDS OF THE NIGHT with 11 new songs from the bands of The Swamp Records with a Swamp Royale 2-sided poster by Melted (this is the February 2021 CD of the Month, so don't pick this as your bonus CD)

SWAMP THIEF "I" grunge from UK

TAUBNERNAUT "S/T" heavy psych

THUNDER VOLT "Wanted Man" grunge

VELJET "Viva el diablo (Remastered)" instrumental stoner (this will be the March selection of the CD of the Month, so don't pick this as your bonus CD)

WILLOW ASH "Hynagogia" stoner metal (Doom Charts 2020)