Thursday, January 7, 2021

Instrumental psych "Intentionally Blank" by DYSGENIA

More great instrumental psych for your ears this week. This time, DYSGENIA delivers "Intentionally Blank" which is an instrumental psych album with elements of progressive rock and metal. Think back to the great guitar-centric psychedelic & prog bands of the early 70s, and you'll have an idea of where Dysgenia's sound is rooted. Keeping it instrumental lets the musicians sing without any vocal distractions. In fact, vocals wouldn't add anything to this collection of heavy psych bangers. (Perhaps the album title agrees with this sentiment.)  Have a listen to "Intentionally Blank" on Bandcamp:

The album explodes out of the gate with "Sea Hag" and then rips along from one epic track to the next. Dysgenia have a knack for creating slower moments from which they can unleash a giant wave of sound delivered by a catchy riff. The middle of "The Other" is one example, but most of the songs have an equally huge sound to them. 

"Intentionally Blank" has a variety and fearless experimentalism which any fan of psychedelic music will appreciate, especially given that the songs all feel like they belong on the same album together. Even when things get downright radical such as in "Perceptual Dichotomy," it feels more like the climax to what's come before it than it does as the most progressive song of the album. In fact, if the band suggested a theme or added some lyrics, this would be the soundtrack for a great concept album. Although, let's remember the title of the album is, "Intentionally Blank."

A lot of creativity and effort has gone into the production of this album to achieve this result. I really dig the length, too. Close to 40 minutes makes for a solid listening experience. 

If you dig psych with a prog influence, you will dig "Intentionally Blank" by DYSGENIA. Great production quality, too.

Fuzzy's Favorite: "Laws of Variation" which typifies the experimentation with sonic grandeur found on all of the songs. 

Dysgenia hails from Portland with members:

  • Dustin Vandehey: Guitars
  • Riley Holland: Bass
  • Brian Wilson: Drums

From the band:

"How much can you you say without words?" That's the question these Portland-based musical veterans seek to explore with their boundary-dissolving instrumental psych/prog/metal outfit Dysgenia. With influences like Tool, Secret Chiefs 3, Primus, Russian Circles, Frank Zappa, and Pantera, Dysgenia have distilled their own unique brand of controlled musical chaos, equal parts head, heart, and gut.  

Follow Dysgenia on Bandcamp at

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