Wednesday, April 22, 2020

New vinyl releases from NECIO RECORDS

New vinyl releases from NECIO RECORDS
New vinyl releases from NECIO RECORDS
NECIO RECORDS has 4 new vinyl releases ready to lay the heavy stoner psych on your turntable.

EL JEFAZO takes instrumental stoner and adds in a dash of prog metal to deliver a set of tracks that is both smooth sailing and pulsing with energy. "Simbiosis" originally released last year, and it's great that the vinyl has dropped at last. El Jefazo is a trio out of Peru.

SATURNDUST is a band I have enjoyed for a while, since back when I was putting together my BRASIL IN FUZZ compilation. This band's unique blend of heavy and psych puts their music into a place of its own. Saturndust is a trio out of Brazil and dropped "RLC" in 2017.

KNEI is a psych rock trio from Argentina. "III" dropped in 2019 and brings the most riff-based album to this set of releases. These songs are catchy and energetic without losing contact with their psychedelic stoner roots.

PARAHELIO is also from Peru. "Surge Evelia, Surge" delivers the longest and most serious of these new vinyl releases. These post-rock songs venture into drone but never fail to keep your interest. Beautiful music, indeed.  This was originally released on digital in 2019.

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WIZENED TREE stoner rock