Friday, April 17, 2020

Stoner doom metal THE RHUBARB "Black Sun" EP


Glasgow 4-piece THE RHUBARB just released their new EP "Black Sun" on April 17. This is 4 tracks of high-fuzz drugged-out stoner doom metal with exceptional and unique vocals featuring both female and male singers. The slow doom pace of the songs with the ghost-like singing make for a very powerful blend, and this is an EP release you need to check out:

Black Sun EP has 4 tracks with a total play time of about 30 minutes:
  • "I'd Do Anything For You" starts off slow and somber, and really highlights the dual vocal style with alternating female and male vocals, and sometimes combined. Beautiful singing. Did I say this song starts of slow and somber? No worries, it's ripping all over the place towards the end. 
  • "The Waters" starts right off with the fuzz and more of those killer vocals. I was expecting it to start to rip at some point, but it kept chugging through the heavy doom riffs for the full 8 minutes. Really dark and good. 
  • "Drag Me to Hell" is the song on "Black Sun" that made me think how good it would be to see this band live on stage. Watching the dueling vocalists trading off is enough reason alone to see this band.  (Check out the live show video below.)
  • "Part Time Suicide" shows off The Rhubarb's use of sonic effects to build up a mood, and yet again we get heavy fuzz with the great blend of double vocals. This might be my favorite song out of a set with only great tracks. 
This is really good! Links below.

Check this live video from last year of The Rhubarb at King Tuts in Glasgow:

If it seems like we just heard from another killer Glasgow band, it's because we did. Check my review of ISAK over here (another great band).

The Rhubarb is:
  • Michael McConville
  • Jack Donnelly
  • Seán Maguire
  • Hannah White
From the band:
We're a stoner doom band from Glasgow Scotland, influenced by Black Sabbath, Hawkwind, Sleep, High on Fire and Electric Wizard. Our combination of female driven vocals and fuzzed out riffs gives us our stand out signature sound.
Be sure to follow The Rhubarb on Bandcamp to get the news when the new album drops. 

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