Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Stoner hardcore VALLE GALGO crush it with their debut EP "Despertar"

Valle Galgo debut EP "Despertar"
Valle Galgo debut EP "Despertar"
Fuzzy's just about ready to release his annual 420 comp "Swamp Haze" which includes a song off the debut EP "Despertar" by VALLE GALGO. This band combines heavy stoner rock with hardcore and adds in a combination of psychedelic and sludge vocals to create a truly unique and captivating sound. When a debut EP leaves you wanting more, you know the band is onto something good. And Valle Galgo definitely leaves me wanting more! Check them out:

These songs have elements of grunge and heavy rock, but just when you think you have them figured out, they kick it high gear with supersonic guitars and sludge singing. I'm pretty sure these guys kick ass in their live show.

The Spanish vocals put this beast over the top for me. This music needs the rough edge that only this singing sound can give it.

Check out the cool artwork in this video of the instrumental version of "Valle Galgo" --

If you dig VALLE GALGO be sure to check out another killer band from Argentina called BRAHMANS CACERIA from Chile CARCANO of Italy might give you the same vibe.

Remember to follow Fuzzy so you can get my 420 comp when it drops.

Valle Galgo band is from Córdoba, Argentina.  

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