Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper drops on 4/20 cutting edge doom psych and BAND INTERVIEW

Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper
Pusherkid's debut EP Smokedoper
This is a very special review for me and I'm really excited to share this one with you guys. Pusherkid has a few singles on Loud & Lonely vol. 1 and Ides of March so this is my first chance to write up a review for him with his new debut EP dropping on 4/20. The EP is called Smokedoper so check out the pre-release tracks right here:

Overall what I dig so much about Pusherkid is that he is right at the very forefront of where doom and psych and heavy music are headed. If he is looking back over his shoulders for inspiration, he might have found it but the music that is coming out on this EP is all looking into the future. The doom is so thick you can cut it with a chainsaw but the tracks do not drone or get lazy. These songs are moving and shaking.

The emphasis here is on the bass. And by emphasis I mean, it's all about the bass. If I could play the bass, this is how I would want to play it. Thick, heavy, and at the center of the music.

Ah and of course the samples. It's no secret I dig the samples there are some choice ones going on here. Marijuana, LSD, public service announcements, it's all here.

You can hear Misty Morning and Crystal Ball for yourself during the pre-release until 4/20. Fuzzy thick bass, samples, choice drops. Haunting vocals. It doesn't get any more doom psych than this.

I got to hear the early previews of Moon and Teethgrinder which keep going with the heavy but nicely-paced music, chill vocals, and samples. If you dig the first two pre-release tracks you will not be let down with the final tracks that drop on 4/20.

In particular there is some killer guitar work going on in Moon featuring Nydeaf (check out my review of his album What In The Universe here) and Ynys Mon.

Go to the Bandcamp page for Pusherkid and celebrate 4/20 with the right kind of music! LINKS BELOW!

Let's meet Pusherkid!

FUZZY CRACKLINS: How would you describe your music to a fan who has not heard it yet?
I'd say it's kind of a melting pot. You have a lot of heavy riffs, which I was really into at the time I wrote these songs. Musicians like Belzebong or OM would play non-stop on my Ipod back then. But there are also some lighter sounds, that could be qualified as spacey or hazey. I don't want my music to only sound one way, like it's only heavy music, or only calm. We are not one thing, and I guess I want that for my music too. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: You are recording all of your music yourself. How do you decide which instruments to record first?
I never really thought about that I must say haha. But I'd say the drums are the foundation of the recording. I don't think I'd make an honest take if I were only recording with the click of the metronome. I wouldn't feel the groove as much, and it maybe wouldn't be as sincere.

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What is your songwriting process like? Some artists carefully write their music out in advance, others just jam it out. What is your method?
I would consider myself to be of the first category. Being anxious to have everything organized and neat around me, I would tend to demo all of my music, carefully label each recording, and then write my drum grooves. But it starts with jamming, and more and more I just jam with a few effects, see where it gets me, and record a riff I really dug. Some riffs stay unused on my phone for a long time before I find another riff to go with it. I don't try too much to make things work.  
FUZZY CRACKLINS: You are also a member of Artifex. Any news going on with Artifex?
Well we have been writing some new material for a 3rd release, and have been talking about recording soon. Lately we've been working on adding these new songs to our repertoire, and changing the course of our artistic direction. 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Your music draws on different influences. Tell us about them?
Where to start with the bands I love haha. For this record, I'd say the main influences were Belzebong, a bit of Sleep, a bit of Electric Wizard, a bit of Sabbath (isn't it always the case with doom?). If you listen close enough, you can hear where each riff comes from. But maybe it's easier when you are behind the tunes. And in some ways, the reason why this project is name Pusherkid is because I consider myself being a kid in the world of music. I live among talented people, and I listen to some very talented people. And this record is a way of saying "hey, here's what these people have inspired me to do!" It's my homage to those people. Some might say it's a bad one, but I don't really care about haters haha 

FUZZY CRACKLINS: What are some other bands you think we should be listening to?
My first answer would be to make sure everyone is getting enough of their Grateful Dead daily dosage haha. That being said, I recently fell into Circles Around the Sun, and I think everyone should be listening to their record "Let It Wander". Kikagaku Moyo's "House in a Tall Grass" is a really treat too. Most of the artists at Sargent House are also worth listening too, such as Emma Ruth Rundle, or Brutus! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: What else would you like to tell us?
Well I hope you had a nice time reading these lines, and I hope everyone's well. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and be safe! 
FUZZY CRACKLINS: Thanks for your time, Pusherkid!

You can also hear Pusherkid's Crystal Ball on my Ides of March compilation of fresh underground music:

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