Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Stoner metal PSYLOW teases with 3 debut tracks

PSYLOW is a heavy metal 5-piece out of San Diego with as much love for the 80s and 90s as Fuzzy has. There's a stoner vibe going on too, and these debut tracks have a foundation of green heaviness that will definitely appeal to any stoner metal fan. 80s heavy metal, 90s grunge, and Psylow rolls the both into their own stoner metal sound. Dig these debut tracks from PSYLOW:

"Blood Blister" is the song that first grabbed Fuzzy's attention. I was wandering around Bandcamp on the lookout for some killer fresh music for my 420 charity comp, and found this beastly track. The buzzing guitars, the pounding rhythms, and the nasty vocals ... man, I was hooked right off!

"Dirt Nap" is the chuggiest of the trio. The guitar work here just keeps ripping out the fuzz, and the vocals are unstoppable.

"Snake Charmer" lays down the longest song of the bunch, which gives the guitars a chance to slow it down a little. But not much! They deliver another killer song along with the most epic guitar solo.

There's a nice variety to these 3 tracks that shows off the band's mastery of their instruments, but there's no misunderstanding that they all come from the same heavy stoner metal band.

Fuzzy can't wait for more! But he'll have to wait, because Psylow says they're still working on their debut album.

Psylow band is from San Diego with members:
  • Shawn Upchurch
  • Kip Page
  • Greg Noriega
  • Jason Busiek
  • Bill Driskill
Follow Psylow band at: 

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