Friday, April 24, 2020

Blues rock ACID ALICE signs with Aonair Records with "The Road"

AONAIR RECORDS has just signed ACID ALICE with a blues rock sound straight from the late 60s but with a completely fresh sound. These songs deliver all the best of that era without any of the excess or missteps that albums from that bygone era sometimes had. The guitar work, the vocals, the passion for a sound that still lives on .... this is just flat-out a great album. Check out "The Road" debut album from Acid Alice:

"The Road" blasts out of the gate on "Acid Horse" with blistering guitar work and bluesy vocals. The guitar and vocal work makes a powerful combination that delivers all the way through this album. The blues rock sound is less like the Southern rock of the 70s and more like the blues rock from Los Angeles in the late 60s. Wherever and whenever doesn't really matter anyway -- this just flat out rocks!

The guitar work is so incredible on this thing. Just check out the intro to "In My Memory" for proof of that. Speaking of that song, the vocals out-do themselves. And the band knows it's in the 21st century, with just a touch of fuzz to bring the blues rock from another generation to music fans of today.

One thing Fuzzy really digs is that Acid Alice keeps the energy level up. Some bands would be tempted to slow it down in parts or take a break, but this album rocks & rolls from start to finish.

Fantastic music, great production, and wonderful songs. Check out Acid Alice!

Mrs. Cracklins Happy Hour mini-review:
I will happily listen to this everyday. 
From the band (by way of Google Translate):
Rock band influenced by music from the 60s and 70s, whose main ideology is to rescue musical and ideological styles that they consider lost, as well as to build atmospheres that remind us of the old glories of rock.
Acid Alice surge por la necesidad de sus integrantes de expresarse por medio de música mas aproximada a la de aquellos artistas de la escena de los 60's, 70's a los que admiran, debido a la añoranza que poseen sus integrantes hacia los grandes festivales de esos años, así como a las enérgicas y místicas presentaciones de los grupos de la época, así convergen los integrantes de la banda al comenzar el proyecto, después de algunos cambios, y algunas buenas presentaciones Acid Alice queda conformado por su actual alineación Darcy, Mark, Hector, Dankoi, y Julio ( como colaborador), con el propósito único de construir música distintiva, original y atrevida que traiga de vuelta las antañas atmósferas de esos "Buenos tiempos". 
Acid Alice band is from Mexico City with members:
  • Mark Mc'Fuzz: Guitarra Principal/Lead Guitar
  • Darcy Core: Voz/Vox
  • Hector Vamartz: Batería/Drums
  • Dankoi Marco: Bajo/Bass
ACID ALICE just signed with Aonair Records. This album and this band deserve more attention and now they'll get it. Be sure to check out the Aonair Presents Vol. 1 stoner comp for more great music.

Follow Acid Alice band at: 

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