Sunday, August 1, 2021

Weedcore "Blunderblues" from Halfaya

Weedcore "Blunderblues" from Halfaya
Cover by Fundie Biela

Fuzzy goes all the way back with HALFAYA to their 2019 debut, and I'm excited to say the band just released their latest album, "Blunderblues" which brings 8 new songs from Argentina to blast your ears with fuzz. Halfaya's sound is "energetic" if I'm being polite, and "apocalyptic" if I'm being honest. Halfaya brings an original take on desert rock with their non-stop fuzz and a foundation of blues, and together with the Spanish vocals, "Blunderblues" is non-stop energy from start to finish. Listen to Halfaya "Blunderblues" on Bandcamp:

Things start off with a sense of calm in "TxOxLxA" but any idea that Halfaya is your typical desert rock band is quickly destroyed as the song explodes into their signature weedcore sound. "El Viaje" was the lead single, and is surely the song that you would recommend to a new fan as it captures the essence of the band's sound.

The title track "Blunderblues" is a stand-out, so it's no wonder it's the title track. It's a little slower than the rest of the songs, and it brings with it a sense of somberness or dread that really makes it stand out. 

"Fuego" starts off slow like the first track, but you already know it will be blasting your ear holes before long, and it does not disappoint. "Rio Índica" gives us a short instrumental interlude, and then "Quebrada Del Silencio" starts up the weedcore mayhem once again. 

Spanish lyrics throughout, which fit Halfaya's weedcore like a flame goes with a bowl. I can barely understand any of it, so I don't even try, and I enjoy the songs the more for it. The singing is like an additional instrument and it's hard to imagine Halfaya without it. (Actually, "Desde El Averno" has an English chorus.)

Pure energy, over-the-top fuzz, killer vocals -- "Blunderblues" is not an album to relax with. But if you are looking to light one up and bang your head, this is the album for you. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: the title track "Cruzando El Desierto" with its extended fuzzed-out guitar solos. Overall, this album rips from start to finish.

From the band: 

In this new album we tried to create a union between stoner and the most primitive blues, with a powerful and good quality audio. We really worked a lot on vocal production and creating good atmospheres, with powerful riffs and some instrumental tracks that manage to give the album another color.

It's no surprise to learn that Halfaya hails from Argentina. The members include: 

  • Pancho: vocals & electronics
  • Gonza: bass & vocals
  • Pela Diego: guitar & keys
  • CJ: drums & percussion

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