Saturday, August 7, 2021

Horror surf debut EP from ATOMIC DRAG

Horror surf debut EP from ATOMIC DOG

Fuzzy ain't the only one who digs the high-energy yet groovy vibes of surf music, especially when it gets into punk territory or some other genre. ATOMIC DRAG is a solo musician with a debut EP that bends the surf riffs towards the horror side of things, with twangy riffs dripping with spooky synths. It's short but it's a total blood beach soundtrack! Listen to the debut EP by Atomic Drag on Bandcamp:

To add to the party, Atomic Drag adds in samples (always a hit with Fuzzy) and a cover of The Surftones. Crank up Atomic Drag at your next next beach party!

Atomic Drag band hails from Northern Ireland and is the solo band of Lee McDaid. From the band: 

Atomic Drag is Lee McDaid. Old enough to know better but dumb enough to do it anyway, his influences include, but are not limited to, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Big Black (Big Black at their very core were a surf band, a hill he's willing to die on) Dead Kennedys, Pixies and The Bomboras. The debut self-titled EP contains 3 original tracks of horror tinged, Lynchian dark surf punk rock and a gonzoid cover of The Surftones classic Cecilia Ann (famously covered by the Pixies, but you knew that).


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