Sunday, August 8, 2021

Heavy alt rock "Act Of Nature Beyond Control" EP by Caged Wolves

Heavy alt rock "Act Of Nature Beyond Control" EP by Caged Wolves

With a heavy alt rock sound that is more like UN-caged wolves, Austria's CAGED WOLVES have dropped their new album "Act Of Nature Beyond Control" with nearly an hour of riff-laden, fuzzed-out songs with intense vocals. Deep bass, chugging guitar, and driving drums -- Caged Wolves delivers a seriously heavy set of rockers. Listen to "Act Of Nature Beyond Control" EP by Caged Wolves on Bandcamp: 

If you're old school (like me), you will consider Caged Wolves to easily fit into the style of grunge, with their heavy riffs and style that takes them beyond your typical rock band. 

In a way, this is a double-EP. The 2nd set of 3 songs are the instrumental versions. I really dig having the option to hear the songs with- and with-out vocals, although overall its the versions with vocals which are strongest. 

Fuzzy's favorite: "Through The Rainbow Valley" hits the heavy riffs, extended guitar solos, and intense vocals that make Caged Wolves stand out. This is a really solid EP. 

Caged Wolves is from Vienna, Austria.

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