Sunday, August 8, 2021

Debut album "We Only Want the Earth" by Sodus drops Sept. 24


Debut album "We Only Want the Earth" by SODUS drops Sept. 24

Trying times call for trying music, and solo band Sodus drops an album's worth on September 24th with an excellent blend of instrumental doom, drone, noise, post-metal, and shoegaze. The end result is "We Only Want the Earth" with 36 minutes of angst and dread which is invigorating and chilling in its delivery. There are haunting guitar solos, samples, and enough energy to keep things riveting to the end. The album is on pre-order until September 24th and you can hear the lead single "Between The Hours" right now on Bandcamp:

5 songs and 36 minutes of fuzzy, doom-filled drone that you will want will want to check out if you like your shoegaze to have a dark edge. 

Fuzzy's Favorite: the title track "We Only Want the Earth" hits all the right highs (lows?) with fuzz, drone, and haunting effects, although all the songs carry their weight and the overall album is excellent. "Gutshot" is another highlight. 

Sodus is Ben Mitchell. From the band: 

We Only Want the Earth began as a collection of drum machine experiments inspired by early Godflesh albums. These quickly expanded to include full instrumentation, all performed by Mitchell. Currently, Mitchell is writing and tone chasing for his sophomore album, and putting together a live show to perform a We Only Want the Earth from start to finish.

"Between The Hours" was featured on Fuzzy's "Loud & Lonely Vol. 2" compilation on Bandcamp. 

Pre-order "We Only Want the Earth" and follow SODUS band on Bandcamp at

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