Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Instrumental post-doom The Drought by Tungsint


Instrumental post-doom The Drought by Tungsint

Fuzzy loves instrumental stoner music, and we are spoiled for choice with all the great bands and music in the Underground today. So right off, let me say what sets apart TUNGSINT's debut EP "The Drought". This duo from Sweden brings an edge of post-metal to their instrumental stoner, and puts the drums front and center as befits the metal genre. The driving beats and sharp sounds propel the riffs forward like a speeding train, while the guitar slows it down to give the tunes their stoner edge. Listen to The Drought by Tungsint on Bandcamp: 

This EP definitely rewards repeated listenings, as it gets better with each spin. Just put it on repeat and enjoy the desert vibes. 

Shout out to The Swamp Krewe! By the time I finished my review, I noticed two members of my Bandcamp subscription had already grabbed the album and left comments on the album page. Check them out and follow these dudes for more great album recommendations: 

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