Thursday, April 1, 2021

FREE CODES for Debut psych rock "Unostentatious" by Polymerase

Debut psych rock "Unostentatious" by Polymerase

Scroll to the end for a free album code! "Unostentatious" is the debut EP from POLYMERASE which delivers a very chill blend of psych and stoner. A little slower in tempo than most, and that gives the songs a chance to explore the details in the riffs. Filled with fuzz and solos, this collection of tracks is not to be missed by fans of desert / psych / stoner music. Top rate music lies within! Listen to "Unostentatious" on Bandcamp:

I really dig the guitar tone that carries the album, with the slow pace, both of which build up to some wild solos such as the one at the end of "A Night with a Succubus." These songs don't wander around -- they have a mission to lay down a riff and build it up and send it off into outer space. 

Another highlight for me is the opening riff of "Lightbringer//Lightgiver" with is haunting melody that leads into a killer song.

We don't get vocals until the last song "Green Is The Color of Evil" (which it is), and they are a battle fuzzed-out and sludgy versus clean singing, and a perfect fit for the music. Also this song kinda hits some of the sounds from The Stooges -- always a good thing in my book!

I'm definitely digging this album!

Fuzzy's favorite: All 4 of these songs are excellent desert rock, but I'll pick "A Night with a Succubus" for the best title. 

Polymerase band is from Quezon City, Philippines with members: 

  • VN Jose- Vox
  • Vincent Jose- Guitars/Bass
  • Francis Ilagan- Drums

From the band:

Polymerase started in 2014 in Quezon City, Philippines with brothers Vincent and VN but because of Life, the band has been set aside. They made a couple of recordings but was eaten into the abyss when the computer with the saved files got broken. It was only in 2020 during the pandemic when VN reminded Vincent about their long-forgotten band project, so the latter immediately went riffing and made a new recording, posted it in facebook to draw out the attention of any drummer friend who has a free time. Then, Francis, a former drummer bandmate of Vincent messaged and tried putting beats for Polymerase. After exchanging emails and ideas, Unostentatious happened. The sound ranges from the genres of psychedelic-doom, sludge, space rock, stoner metal, and everything in between. The band is hoping to release an EP or a full length by the end of this year.

We don't have a lot of bands in the Underground scene from the Philippines, so be sure to follow Polymerase band on Bandcamp to keep up with their music and news at

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