Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Doom psych "Abstract Expressionism" by Satan's Children


SATAN'S CHILDREN just released "Abstract Expressionism" which is their first album since 2017. Slow and heavy, with a destination in mind but in no hurry to get there. There's plenty of satanic samples, haunted house organ playing, and bone-rattling. The band calls their music "psychedelic doom" but to me it's more like "horror psych." Symphonic doom without the symphony, but with the same intent. Definitely the soundtrack for your next escape room experience -- from a haunted mansion. Or graveyard burial. I'm definitely digging it, too (pun intended.) Check out "Abstract Expressionism" by Satan's Children on Bandcamp: 

Fuzzy's Favorite: I usually pick a favorite song, but instead I want to pick "The Vocals" since they really stand out while fitting perfectly with the feeling of the music. And if I really have to pick a song, I'd say "Lost Chord of Creations" brings together the best of what Satan's Children has to offer. And the guitar solo in "0.1345094 Is An Intimidating Number" is not to be missed. 

Satan's Children are from Vancouver -- or are they? No personnel info is available, so it's possible they are not even alive. Which explains the unearthly sound of this album. 

From the band:

These kids have become an intelligent & talented musical being whose desire is to create music as a powerful mind transcending tool that everyone can use to ultimately bask in the wisdom of the ever lasting universe. Know what we're sayin?

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